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www.aruba.com - This is the official travel guide web site by the government of Aruba.

www.visitaruba.com - In addition to general travel information, you can order, for around $13, an “Aruba Advantage Card,” which gives you many discounts throughout the island.


www.australia.com - This extraordinarily well-done web site by the Australian Tourist Commission is available in eight popular languages. This web site covers virtually all questions, concerns, and advice you may have about your trip, from where you can smoke to what activities you might like to do, from the Outback to the cities.


www.austria-tourism.at - This English-language site is run by the Austrian National Tourist Office.


www.bahamas.com - This is the official site of the government of the Bahamas.


www.bermudatourism.com - The official web site of the Department of Tourism.

www.bermudatravelnet.com - Practical and useful travel advice and information about Bermuda.


www.maria-brazil.org - This charming travelogue web site, developed by Sheila Thomson, will give you a glimpse of the best of Brazil. The name of the site was taken from Sheila’s daughter, Maria. Read about some of Sheila’s favorite Brazilian places, recipes, mixed drinks, and all sorts of odds and ends.


www.travelcanada.ca - The official web site of the Canadian Tourism Commission is available in English and French.


www.cnto.org - The official web site of the China National Tourist Office.


www.visitdenmark.com - This is the official web site of the Danish Tourist Board.


www.egypttourism.org - This Egyptian site is available in Spanish and English and is the official site for the Government Tourist Offices in the Americas.

www.touregypt.net - The official Internet site of the The Ministry of Tourism in Egypt is charming and informative. In addition to general travel advice and information, there are coloring pages, games and stories for children, e-postcards, and recipes.


www.effingpot.com - This humorous site contains British English translations for Americans. Mike Etherington, the site owner, has also written The Best of British, The American’s Guide to Speaking British. So as not to go “barmy” (crazy) or to seem “naff” (uncool) or just to have a laugh, you might want to read up on this site before going to England.

www.londontown.com - The London Tourist Board’s highly comprehensive official site provides information about accommodations, attractions, events, sightseeing, restaurants, shopping, entertainment, nightclubs, cafes, and of course, the London pubs.

www.nationalgallery.org.uk - The web site of the distinguished National Gallery Museum in London, England, which contains an impressive collection of art throughout the ages.


www.france.com - Ou la la! In addition to travel information, this site has news, culture, business, and shopping information. Francophiles will delight in their collection of “best of the web” French links.

www.francetourism.com - The official web site of the French Government Tourist Office.

www.franceway.com - This informative web site focuses on what the site owners believe to be the best restaurants, sightseeing and activities in France.  In addition to that, they also have a practical advice  section that may be especially helpful for the first time traveler.

www.paris.org - Numerous French links and a virtual tour of Paris will delight the Francophile.


www.germany-tourism.de - The official web site of the German National Tourist Board, available in English and German, is comprehensive and highly informative.  Get travel tips, learn about popular destinations, events, and German culture.


www.gogreece.com - This portal site contains many links about Greece and also has discussion groups and chat rooms.


www.holland.com - This web site captures the charm of Holland. Kudos for the cheery photography and the entertaining, high-quality travel advice. Available in fourteen languages, this is the official site of the Netherlands Board of Tourism.


www.gotohungary.com - This lively travel guide welcomes you to “the new spirit of Old Europe.” Topics include Budapest and other major areas, history, culture, and practical information.


www.goiceland.org and www.iceland.org - Comprehensive and informative, these are the official web sites of the Icelandic Tourist Board.


www.goireland.com - This outstanding, award-winning web site is highly informative and fun. In addition to the general travel guide information, you can speak live to a travel expert (at designated times), send e-cards, listen to some Irish music and trace your family history.

www.ireland.travel.ie - The official web site of the Irish Tourist Board.


www.ddtravel-acc.com - The “Discover Israel Inside” web site, belonging to the D. D. Travel &Tourism, Inc., has won many awards.

www.infotour.co.il - This is the official web site of the Israel Ministry of Tourism. In addition to general travel guide information, this site provides vital information regarding tourist regulations and requirements.

www.inisrael.com - This cheerful travel guide, owned by ByTech Communications, has continuously updated panoramic views on many popular spots in Israel in addition to general travel guide information.


www.italiantourism.com - The official site of the Italian Government Tourism Board is available in English, Italian, and French.

www.walksinsidevenice.com - The “Walks Inside Venice” web site displays breathtaking pictorial views of Venice. Learn about the history, architecture, and art of this charming, magnificent city. According to Marcel Proust: “When I went to Venice, my dream became my address.”


www.jamaicatravel.com - This cheerful, spirited site is the official site of the Jamaica Tourist Board. I especially like their suggested list of things to do in Jamaica.


www.jnto.go.jp - The official web site of the Japan National Tourist Organization.


www.magicalkenya.com  - The official web site of the Kenya Tourist Board.

www.seekenya.com - This site gives you information about safaris and other adventures in Kenya. There is a short course in Swahili and e-mail postcards that you can send.


www.acapulco.org.mx - The cheerful site is the official site of the Acapulco Convention and Visitors Bureau and is available in English, French, and Spanish.

www.gocancun.com - This is the official site of the Cancun Convention and Visitors Bureau. There’s a Mayan Kids section filled with facts and games in addition to the general travel guide information.

www.visitmexico.com - This general travel guide covers the major tourist areas in Mexico.


www.tourism-in-morocco.com - This site is by the Moroccan Tourist Board and their partner, the Web Development International Company.


www.visitnorway.com - The official site of the Norwegian Tourist Board.


www.peru-explorer.com - This site is owned by Travelnet, a travel agency in New York and provides information about interesting areas in Peru.


www.portugalvirtual.pt/_tourism - Where to stay, what to do, and the regional gastronomy of Portugal. Note, there is an underscore after the slash in the web address.


www.russia-travel.com - This is the official site of the Russian National Tourist Office.


www.visitscotland.com - This highly detailed, well-organized site is the official web site of the Scottish Tourist Board. From, how to get there, to how to find a restaurant with any restrictions or features you desire, you are sure to find almost any information you need at this site.


www.newasia-singapore.com - At the official site of the Singapore Tourism Board, you can find out just how sophisticated and fun Singapore is when you read their article on “101 Ways to Live it Up!” The site also features video clips.

South Africa

www.southafrica.net - In addition to general information, the official South Africa Tourism site contains an extensive gallery of pictures.


www.okspain.org - This is the official site of the Tourist Office of Spain.


www.visit-sweden.com - The Swedish Tourist Board’s official site has exceptional photography.


www.myswitzerland.com - The Switzerland’s National Tourist Office’s official site is available in English, German, Dutch, French, Italian, and Spanish.


www.gototahiti.com - This site contains general travel information, a lovely photo gallery and you can request a free brochure.


www.about-turkey.com - Developed by Tayfun Kalyoncu, this site brings out the best of Turkey. Learning about carpets, sightseeing, cuisine, and other travel aspects will give you a cultural feel of Turkey.

www.turkey.org - The official site of the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Washington, D. C.

United States of America


www.dced.state.ak.us/tourism and www. travelalaska.com - The official sites of the Division of Community and Business Development, Alaskan Government and the Marketing Organization of the State of Alaska.


www.kaibab.org - This Grand Canyon Explorer site is owned by Bob Ribokas.


www.sdro.com - The San Diego Online site provides restaurant and entertainment advice and information.


Disney Area (Orlando and Kissimmee)

http://disney.go.com/disneyworld/index2.html - At Disney’s official site, you can get information about vacation packages, parks, resorts, entertainment, special events, restaurants, and cruises. You can also order certain multi-day park ticket packages ahead of time.  Order a free Disney vacation video at https://secure.disney.go.com/wdw/myVacation/vpk?id=VPKPage.

www.floridakiss.com - The official site of the Kissimmee-St. Cloud Convention and Visitors Bureau is filled with information and advice about the Disney parks and other popular attractions in addition to lodging, transportation, restaurants, shopping, and sports events.

www.go2orlando.com - This comprehensive vacation information site includes reviews.

www.orlandoinfo.com - This is the official site of the Orlando/Orange County Convention and Visitors Bureau. You can order a free discount Orlando Magicard® by going to this site or going directly to www.orlandoinfo.com/magicard. This valuable card gives significant shopping, theme park, restaurant, and lodging discounts. Be sure to take along a list of participating businesses because these merchants do not usually post a sign saying that they accept the Orlando Magicard®.

www.planetbr.com - Available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, this site is an excellent planning guide for your vacation in Orlando.  The site specializes in the Disney Theme parks, but includes all attractions in Orlando.  Information about lodging, restaurants, ticket prices, shopping, events, maps, transportation, and weather forecasts are also included.

www.ticketmania.com - This company buys tickets in bulk and then passes some of the savings to you. Get discount tickets to theme parks and attractions such as Disney World, Universal, Sea World, and Busch Gardens Florida. They also work with organizations that will give you free theme park and attraction tickets if you are willing to listen to a sales presentation.

General Information

www.fla-keys.com - The charming Florida Keys, a string of islands off the southern tip of Florida, are well-portrayed through videos, still pictures, and delightful narratives.

www.funandsun.com - “Absolutely Florida,” an award-winning web site, is Florida’s largest and most popular web site. It provides comprehensive tourist information, discounts, maps, links, and articles in an exuberant style.

www.kennedyspacecenter.com - Located in Florida, the Kennedy Space Center is a popular attraction. This site includes information about tours and exhibits, liftoffs, and there are special sections for educators and kids.

www.tropicoolmiami.com - At the nonprofit Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau (GMCVB) web site, learn about accommodations, attractions, cruises, nightlife, the arts, shopping, restaurants, and sightseeing in beautiful, fun Miami. You can also order a free travel planner.


www.aloha-hawaii.com/hawaii_magazine/magazine.shtml - Aloha from Hawaii is an award-winning online travel magazine web site. Note, there is an underscore between the words Hawaii and magazine in the web address.


www.gumbopages.com - New Orleans enthusiast and funny radio personality Chuck Taggart has the best advice on what to do and where to eat.  There is also an acclaimed collection of Cajun and Creole recipes at www.gumbopages.com/recipepage.html.

www.neworleanscvb.com - The official site of the New Orleans Metropolitan Convention and Visitors Bureau, Inc. will put you in the Mardi Gras spirit.


www.mainetravel.net - Each region in Maine is covered in this travel guide.


www.bostonducktours.com - Quack. Quack. The Boston Duck Tours provide whimsical, fun, historic rides by way of land/water vehicles.  ConDUCKtors serve as tour guides. Since this is a very popular attraction, you may need to get tickets one-to-two days ahead of time.


www.grandpalace.com - From rock stars to comedians, the Grand Palace Theater features some of the greatest talented performers. Jeff Foxworthy, Loretta Lynn, the Oakridge Boys, and Billy Ray Cyrus are some of the performers who have played at this theater.

www.missouritourism.org - The official site of the Missouri Division of Tourism shows how much fun a vacation to Missouri can be.


www.cheapovegas.com - This entertaining, amusing, spirited travel guide is for fun-loving vacationers who want value for their buck. Randy Shandis Enterprises reviews all the hotels, casinos, restaurants, and entertainment in Las Vegas and some of the major ones outside of the city.

www.vegas.com - This very comprehensive site includes information about hotels, motels, casinos, restaurants, entertainment, shopping, nightclubs, sporting events, museums, tours, bars, quickie weddings, newspaper publications, and jobs. There is a great section on insider tips.  


New York

www.esbnyc.com - This is the Empire State Building’s official Internet site. Read about movie scenes that contain the building, learn some trivia and purchase tickets online. The site is available in the following languages: English, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish.

www.nyctourist.com - At this official New York City tourism site, you will find information about Broadway shows, restaurants, shopping, scheduled events, and sightseeing tours. The site posts top-ten lists for romantic destinations, entertaining eateries, and museums. If you have a question about New York City, you can e-mail “Joe the Doorman.” He will either post your answer on the website or send you an email.

www.travelnewyork.com - This travel services business web site has a great deal of information about hotels, restaurants, Broadway shows, museums, sightseeing, shopping, night life, sports, and weather. Some attractions and accommodations can be directly booked from this site.

South Carolina

www.charlestoncvb.com - This official site provides a glimpse of the culture and history of Charleston.

www.charlestonsfinest.com - Yes, indeedy. This site lets you know what the finest accommodations, restaurants, attractions, and nightlife are in this elegant, historic city.

www.discovermyrtlebeach.com - This comprehensive site has information about entertainment, golf, nightlife, restaurants, weather, shopping, and even 360° panoramic video images of accommodations. You can purchase a Myrtle Beach VIP Discount Card for around $15. This discount card is good for accommodations, restaurants, golf fees, shopping, nightlife, amusement parks, and other attractions.

www.travelsc.com - The official site of the South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism.


www.elvis-presley.com - At this official site, you can view a cam of the Graceland Mansion, shop for Elvis items, become immersed in “Elvisology” and find out about traveling to Memphis.

Washington, DC

www.washington.org - The Washington, DC, Convention and Tourism Corporation’s official web site has information on tours, events, shopping, restaurants, and accommodations.


www.pbs.org/hitchhikingvietnam - Adventurous, fearless Karin Muller, the author of Hitchhiking Vietnam, spent seven months in this southeast Asian country. At her site, you will find a pictorially breathtaking, moving documentary of her experiences.

Virgin Islands

www.usvi.net - In addition to general travel information, the works of artists are profiled. At www.usvi.net/hawes/, you can view beautiful, vibrant water color pictures created by Charles Hawes.




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